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If you received an invitation from one of our clients via email or directly from K2 Sourcing, registration is not required to respond. The email comes from and will have instructions on how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Messages from are not spam, and we recommend adding K2 Sourcing to your safe contacts list so you don’t miss opportunities.

Responding to clients through the K2 Sourcing website is a great way to quickly qualify an opportunity.

Why Register?

We receive a lot of inquiries about how to access other K2 Sourcing clients. K2 Sourcing does not share supplier contact information across a database that reaches all our clients. K2 Sourcing will not share client information unless we are requested by a client to do so.

Registering is free and will enter your information into the K2 Sourcing database. When clients specifically ask K2 Sourcing to help find suppliers of a good or service, we first review our database.

If you register, we will reach out to you only when we have a relevant lead. There is no need to contact K2 Sourcing directly, and we cannot respond to solicitations outside of the registration process.

It only takes a minute or two to register and it is free.