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Would you like to run more RFPs?

Since 2003, K2 Sourcing has helped manufacturers and retailers create sound category strategies and accelerate RFP execution.

  • 50% faster RFP turnaround time from creation to award
  • 80% reduction in your labor to run an RFP
  • 300% increase in supplier participation and responses received
  • 10% faster new product launches
  • 30% improvement in team morale
  • 200% more savings implemented/realized
  • 6–20% improvement in savings/value generated

Are you short on resources?

What could you accomplish with additional category, strategic global sourcing, and RFP management experts?

K2 Sourcing is typically used by organizations that are short on bandwidth. Both highly mature and newer strategic sourcing teams rapidly realize the benefits.

Amplify Sourcing’s Impact from Day One

  • Improve savings generated by 3%-7%
  • Mitigate supply risk
  • Create real time team visibility
  • Improve team morale
  • Launch new products faster
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Promote an intense focus on spend management

Build Agility and Speed

  • Over 50 spend management and
    strategic sourcing services/tactics
  • Strong key performance indicator
  • Prebuilt RFP templates across most
    spend categories
  • Access to deep category expertise,
    project managers, and analysts
  • Multilingual global outreach in
    major low-cost countries
  • Documented repeatable processes
  • Opportunities to benchmark spend
    categories and processes
  • Large pool of suppliers across
    many spend categories
  • Top-ranked eSourcing and digital
    strategic sourcing solution

K2 Sourcing quickly extends your team

Hiring the right people and getting them up to speed is time consuming, laden with risk, and takes months.

Implementing eSourcing and spend applications to drive best practices is challenging.

Utilizing K2 Sourcing provides immediate access to top-notch talent, award-winning technology, and world class strategic sourcing processes. Service costs less then a full-time hire and a typical return on investment is over 500%. It is also a very low risk solution. If you're not happy, you can discontinue at any time. Schedule an introductory call to see if and how adding K2 Sourcing as a resource for your team could help.

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