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40+ Reasons Companies Utilize K2 Sourcing

There are many reasons sourcing, procurement, and logistics
leaders retain K2 Sourcing’s sourcing services:

  • 1.Reduce purchase costs
  • 2.Avoid cost increases
  • 3.Improve results of negotiations
  • 4.Obtain best value from suppliers
  • 5.Improve process transparency
  • 6.Improve sourcing process efficiency
  • 7.Improve sourcing process cycle time
  • 8.Improve sourcing process outcomes
  • 9.Standardize processes
  • 10.Create visibility
  • 11.Share best practices
  • 12.Foster team sharing
  • 13.Employee knowledge retention
  • 14.Launch new products faster
  • 15.To allocate more time on strategic rather than tactical activities
  • 16.Consolidate suppliers
  • 17.Increase supply base competition
  • 18.Gain a much better understanding of suppliers
  • 19.Add specific category expertise
  • 20.Understand supplier networks
  • 21.See cost reduction opportunities
  • 22.Determine exposure to supply base risk
  • 23.Transparency is required in the supplier selection process
  • 24.Concerned about retention of knowledge of employees
  • 25.To quickly comply with audits
  • 26.There’s not enough time to complete supplier reviews RFI, RFQ, RFP, ERA
  • 27.Helps improve the morale of category managers
  • 28.Help with categorizing expenditures
  • 29.To gain an unbiased outside perspective
  • 30.To validate procurement beliefs and practices
  • 31.When specific category expertise is needed
  • 32.Want to expand procurement’s scope and influence
  • 33.When rapid sourcing solutions are needed
  • 34.To outsource event management
  • 35.When fully managed events are desired
  • 36.When a platform is needed to automate sourcing
  • 37.When a cloud sourcing solution is desired
  • 38.When managers want clear visibility into the process
  • 39.To maintain an approved list of suppliers
  • 40.Redirect sales calls and emails to registration
  • 41.Leaders want a high-performing sourcing team
  • 42.To improve sourcing’s agility
  • 43.It’s worth repeating – to reduce and avoid purchase costs

Since 2003, K2 Sourcing has generated over 1,000 case studies which we can share that support the above reasons why procurement, sourcing, and logistic leaders overcome barriers and achieve their goals using K2 Sourcing. To discuss your specific situation and objectives so you can quickly decide if K2 Sourcing can help, schedule an exploratory call with an expert advisor.



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