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Savings Accelerators: Savings Today Is Worth More Than Savings Tomorrow

Money today is worth more than money tomorrow. K2 Sourcing delivers faster system implementation, gap filling expertise, and superb rapid sourcing event execution services. Seize the savings with K2 Sourcing expert resources.

K2 Sourcing Provides Superior Implementation

Many clients want to quick start implementation with a few pilot events. Unlike other providers that subcontract implementation, K2 Sourcing brings internal experts to your team. K2 Sourcing team members have clocked more than 20,000 hours on our sourcing applications.

How does it work? K2 Sourcing manages initial events for on-the-job training. Team members learn best practices, develop reusable RFP, RFQ, and reverse auction templates, and get excited to become the change.

Used as a proof of concept, the initial events generate enough savings to pay for the application, build confidence and excitement, and accelerate savings.

Agile Expert Resources

The Society for Human Resource Management states 68% of human resource professionals are experiencing difficulty recruiting candidates for positions. Why wait for the savings?

K2 Sourcing has run over 1500 successful events for over 80 clients.

Learn from our experience, increase your knowledge about suppliers, and relax while K2 Sourcing superbly executes your sourcing event.

To increase your resources and accelerate savings, K2 Sourcing provides multiple methods and business models. Contact us to determine if one is a fit for you.

The Speed of Sourcing Events Matters

Does your team measure sourcing cycle times? Say you have forecasted $10,000 per month for a particular event's savings. If the RF(x) takes 6 weeks to execute rather than 3 months, you capture $15,000 more in savings.

If your RFPs and RFQs take longer to execute than they could, money is lost. To benchmark the savings you could capture by moving faster, contact K2 Sourcing.



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