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The world's best cloud sourcing application is the fastest at pushing, tracking, communicating, compiling, correcting, and analyzing, re-
quests for information, requests for quote, and requests for proposal – eRF(x).

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How Cloud Source Complete Reduces Users Workload

Cloud Source Complete doubles procurement practitioner’s capacity by:

  • Building events faster than spreadsheets and documents
  • Less time tracking supplier engagement
  • Easier than email to track and answer supplier questions
  • Less time compiling and analyzing data
  • Suppliers correct own errors and your reports auto-update
  • Fewer human errors from vlookups and hand keying information
  • Providing automatic alerts, notifications, and reminders
  • Keeping a searchable repository of RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs
  • Clearly identify the best suppliers faster

Gartner, Aberdeen, Forrester, and Spend Matters agree, cloud sourcing applications can improve productivity by over 50%.

More Time to Focus on the Agreement Means…

Surveys reveal most sourcing experts believe they could form better supplier agreements if they had more time. They would engage more suppliers. They would spend more time with promising suppliers. Sourcing experts desire more time to negotiate.

Cloud Source Complete, by automating administrative tasks, allows sourcing experts to focus on suppliers and the deal. The result is lower risk, higher value producing, supplier agreements.

Flexible Total Cost Modeling with Incredible Detail

Like Excel, creating complex dependent formulas is fast and easy to learn. Cloud Source Complete uses the power of the Internet to go beyond spreadsheets to capture qualitative and quantitative information in real-time with detailed customizable analytics.

Access templates like: multi-volume discounts, multi-year pricing, complex manufacturing production formulas, total landed cost, contractor time and materials, services and contingent labor models, indirect & MRO with substitute items, hurdle rate models, etc. Drag and drop to easily customize and create new templates.

Build a Strong Foundation for Continuous Improvement

Maintain the organizations RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs in one easily accessible database. Search and share information with other and new team members. Learn from past questions and prior responses to improve your go-to market strategy. Stored on our cloud server, hard-earned knowledge is kept safe and secure for years.

Rapid Deployment

Like Excel the system is very comfortable and easy to learn. There is no software to implement. Mobile and desktop compliant, all that is needed is Internet access. Supported by training videos, email, and phone, deployment is quick and easy.

Cloud Source Complete: Time to Focus on the Agreement

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