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Open Demonstration: K2 Sourcing Cloud Sourcing Advanced Application 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1PM Eastern 10AM Pacific.

K2 Sourcing Cloud Source Advanced Pragmatic Demonstration

In this 30-minute high-level demonstration, attendees will be able to visualize the benefit of applying K2 Sourcing’s Cloud Source Advanced strategic sourcing performance enhancing application to their own processes. See how you can improve your sourcing event productivity by 50% or more, increase savings by 5% to 8%, launch new products 10% faster, and reduce RFP cycle times by 33%.1

You will also see why K2 Sourcing achieved a number one rank by Spend Matters.


  • Brief introduction about K2 Sourcing
  • Overview of the world’s best sourcing application
  • Fastest and easiest setup of request for information, quote, proposal, and reverse auctions
  • Why the upload and analytics features blow away other applications in spreadsheets
  • How K2 Sourcing makes it easier faster to work with and communicate with suppliers than any other system
  • Question and answer

K2 Sourcing will share why we provide the world’s best sourcing application. The flexibility and speed leads to a lot of, “Wows” in demonstrations, and we hope you will have the same experience.


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Past Webinars

1. Source Gartner, Aberdeen, Forrestor, Spend Matters

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