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Cloud Sourcing Essentials

Configurable cloud includes: supplier registration, request for information, and a supplier database, that quickly expands procurement’s
knowledge of suppliers.

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Increase Competition and Time Management

How often do you get a call from a sales person just as you were going into a meeting or just sat down to work on an urgent project? How many times should they be contacting someone else?

Like an around the clock sourcing assistant, suppliers can be directed to register at your custom page and database which sends an alert to the correct manager. Contact the supplier through the Sourcing Essentials platform when you are ready.

Expand Your Knowledge of Suppliers

Quickly onboard new suppliers, send supplier self-assessments, and build custom requests. The Request for Information (RFI) functions create web questionnaires that capture supplier information that is stored on our cloud server.

Copy and edit one of K2 Sourcing’s stock templates with easy editing, drag and drop, and auto-numbering features. Add attachments like your PO terms, MSAs, and NDAs. Request attachments from suppliers like certificates, quality manuals, service lists, etc.

Manage Supplier Risk

Rapidly gain critical insight into your supplier’s operations and your supply risk. One client used the system to ask it’s top 300 suppliers for line level capacity plans. Another client sent annual health check-ups to the entire supply base to learn about factors like: financial health, business changes, market conditions, cost reduction ideas, and more.

With supplier status tracking, auto-reminders, and group messaging, Sourcing Essentials efficiency allows you to reach deeper into your supply base without adding labor.

Manage and Share Supplier Lists

Maintain supplier knowledge in one easily accessible database. Segment suppliers by commodity, manage approval statuses, and set-up alerts to notify category managers when suppliers register. Stored on our cloud server hard-earned knowledge is kept safe and secure for years.

Rapid Deployment

There is no software to implement. Mobile and desktop compliant, all that is needed is Internet access. Supported by training videos, email, and phone, deployment is quick and easy. Improve competition, expand knowledge of suppliers, and advance risk management with K2 Sourcing’s Sourcing Essentials.

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Quickly expand your knowledge of suppliers and add more cloud sourcing automation applications when you are ready.

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